Welcome! Moors Wood is a small private woodland owned and managed by Sarah and Ian Blenkinsop as a nature reserve and as a sustainably managed source of various wood products.

Sarah is a freelance Environmental Educator, Lecturer and Forest School Leader. Based at her own site at Moors Wood, Sarah provides fun natural/recycled craft workshops; play or storytelling sessions; eco themed parties; workshops on food preservation, setting up an organic garden, setting up a composting area or keeping chickens; or training courses in various woodcraft and play skills. These services are available for adults and/or children. Sarah is also very happy to come to you and deliver any of the above, or to give talks to groups.

Follow the links to find out more about what is on offer. Please click on the photos if you need to make them larger. Also visit Sarah's other site, The Compost Bin, for more general info and advice on sustainable living.

Our environmental credentials

Our house, office and outbuildings are heated and powered by renewable energy. We have a 30 tube solar thermal installation for our hot water supplies, photovoltaic panels which produce electricity for our use and to sell back to the National Grid via Good Energy and a woodburner which exclusively burns our own wood from Moors Wood. We do have an oil boiler as back up heating but intend to replace it with a wood pellet boiler in the near future. We have our own private water supply and sewerage treatment system. We harvest rainwater and recycle or compost virtually all of our waste. We use recycled paper and environmentally friendly toiletries and cleaning products.

Moors Wood is managed using Permaculture and Organic principles. Most of our vegetables and fruit are home grown but if bought in, as much as possible is locally sourced, organic and fair trade. We only buy free range/organic dairy and meat and we keep our own free range, organically fed chickens for eggs (some are ex commercial hens as well). We bake our own bread, make jams, chutneys, wines, juices and cider.

We try to ensure that, as far as possible, you will eat and drink organic, local and free range food while you are with us in Moors Wood.

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  1. Having professionals working to make consumers more aware of environmental issues is important.


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