Welcome! Moors Wood is a small private woodland owned and managed by Sarah and Ian Blenkinsop as a nature reserve and as a sustainably managed source of various wood products.

Sarah is a freelance Environmental Educator, Lecturer and Forest School Leader. Based at her own site at Moors Wood, Sarah provides fun natural/recycled craft workshops; play or storytelling sessions; eco themed parties; workshops on food preservation, setting up an organic garden, setting up a composting area or keeping chickens; or training courses in various woodcraft and play skills. These services are available for adults and/or children. Sarah is also very happy to come to you and deliver any of the above, or to give talks to groups.

Follow the links to find out more about what is on offer. Please click on the photos if you need to make them larger. Also visit Sarah's other site, The Compost Bin, for more general info and advice on sustainable living.


Moors Wood at Green Gathering August 2017

Moors Wood NOT at Hellens in June  this year - doing the final weekend of my PDC that weekend!

Moors Wood at Blossomtime, The Big Apple 1st May 2017

Moors Wood at Spring Greens Schools Days 27 April 2017

Moors Wood at Make Do and Mend Kington Library 10 March  2017

Moors Wood at Make Do and Mend Kington Library 14 Jan 2017

Moors Wood at Make Do and Mend Hereford 6th Form College Oct 2016

Moors Wood at H Energy Queenswood Arboretum Oct 2016

Moors Wood at Green Gathering August 2016

Moors Wood at Hellens The Garden Festival  11th/12th June 2016

Moors Wood at  Make Do and Mend, Tudorville Community Centre Fri 20 May 2016

Moors Wood at Blossomtime, The Big Apple 1st/2nd May 2016

Moors Wood at Hereford River Carnival 30th April 2016

Moors Wood at Hereford River Carnival 30th April 2016

Leominster Allotment Association workshop 23 April 2016, report here

Moors Wood  open day for h Energy fortnight (3rd Oct 2015)

Moors Wood at Green Gathering August 2015  report here

Moors Wood  open day for h Energy fortnight (12th Oct 2014)

Moors Wood  in The Guardian (May 29th 2014)

Moors Wood is in the Guardian! Sarah and Ian Blenkinsop are in the paper as the sister blog to this site, The Compost Bin,  features as Sustainable Blog of the Week.

 Moors Wood courses feature in Omlet Newsletter (July 2 2010)

Moors Wood  featured in the latest Omlet Newsletter when Sarah Blenkinsop was interviewed as "Course Host of the Month".  Sarah owns an Eglu, as well as other hen houses, and runs chicken keeping and composting courses which are advertised on the Omlet website.

Moors Wood website powered by its own electricity! (June 30 2010)

The latest addition to the quest for a lower carbon footprint and a more self sufficient way of life has gone up at Moors Wood!

There are 14, 185 w panels, they are Sharp NU 185 single crystal photovoltaic panels , each one consists of 48 monocrystalline cells, open circuit voltage 24 volts, with an SMA Sunny Boy 2500 inverter to tie it in to the mains electricity system. There is a total generation meter to record what gets generated.

These are on the back of the garage and workshop roof. Which rather conveniently faces 165 degrees, so SSE and is a great site for them. We would reasonable expect to get around 850 KWhrs per Kw installed, so will be getting about 2200 KWHr a year of our own generated electricity.

The system is grid tied (off grid proved to be a bit problematical, with the batteries and the added complication)

We are selling our surplus electricity to the renewable energy supplier Good Energy, who provide our mains electricity and have done so for a number of years, now. Good Energy is the UK’s only dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier.

We also have a 30 tube solar thermal system ( you can see it in the above photo, on the house roof)  which provides us with unlimited hot water in the summer and substantially reduces our fuel usage for hot water heating in the winter.

I offer a workshop on "how to be a more sustainable household" which covers pv's, solar thermal tubes, growing, composting, re use, reduce recycle and more.