Welcome! Moors Wood is a small private woodland owned and managed by Sarah and Ian Blenkinsop as a nature reserve and as a sustainably managed source of various wood products.

Sarah is a freelance Environmental Educator, Lecturer and Forest School Leader. Based at her own site at Moors Wood, Sarah provides fun natural/recycled craft workshops; play or storytelling sessions; eco themed parties; workshops on food preservation, setting up an organic garden, setting up a composting area or keeping chickens; or training courses in various woodcraft and play skills. These services are available for adults and/or children. Sarah is also very happy to come to you and deliver any of the above, or to give talks to groups.

Follow the links to find out more about what is on offer. Please click on the photos if you need to make them larger. Also visit Sarah's other site, The Compost Bin, for more general info and advice on sustainable living.

On my way to Eden!

9 am

Right then. Bag packed, rucksack packed, food for journey sorted, tickets in wallet in bag. Instructions given to DH about watering all the precious plants in the polytunnel, cold frame and patio and dealing with the mad broody Serama hen (thank you Ian I love you  )

Robin Hobb book for the train, along with music in my ear and camera at the ready to capture any interesting images I see.

 I'm off to Eden!

3 pm (eta)

Am I there yet? Well actually no I wasn't, as is usual for me and public transport one of my trains was delayed so a lot of us missed a connection to Exeter, which made us all late to get to Eden
However we all met up and chatted and made friends, which was great!
Lovely view out of the train and I had a good trip
And then finally we arrived! A bit late but never mind :)
To free back massages, drinks, friendly people, fabulous food and a weekend of empowering workshops and networking coming up:-)

Then back up the side of the Quarry to our accommodation at the YHA Eden Snoozeboxes - converted shipping containers!

Compact but very well laid out :)

Double bed at one end, single bed along the length then a single bed sized wet room at the other end with a toilet, sink and shower.

Attached to the Snoozeboxes was a building with bar, cooking facilities, fridge etc and so we had a party :)

And played scrabble ( as you do :) )

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